Blue i HG-302 Commercial Control System

The Blue i HG-302 is the ultimate solution for monitoring commercial pools

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Accurate, Online, Colormetric Monitoring for Public Pools & Spas. Automation and control is one of the quickest ways to simplify the operation of your Commercial Pool. Devices such as the Blue I HG-302 water quality controller use a patented colormetric DPD reagent to test and monitor the free chlorine level & Total Chlorine . The HG-302 can perform these tests upto 30 times every hour to constantly track and adjust the chlorine level. It also tests and monitors pH, temperature and flow, with optional modules to monitor conductivity and turbidity.

The HG-302 is highly flexible and can be coupled with any number of chlorination and pH control methods. For instance it can be coupled to a commercial salt chlorinator to provide most chlorine requirements, only pumping liquid chlorine when the chlorinator fails to meet a higher than usual demand. This is an extremely economical application, saving most commercial pool operators hundreds of dollars per month in chlorine purchases.

Optional remote monitoring is available for minimal outlay. This enables Pool Operators to capture and store the data for years if need be, and for their staff to be alerted to issues in real time. This saves routine testing of the pool water as we automatically have PDF log books available at any time and allow for manual data entries by Pool Operator staff. We can even prompt your staff via email or SMS to remind them to perform their routine duties!