Brauer AOP

Brauer Industries is an Australian leader in air and water purification, manufacturing Ozone-based technologies for residential, commercial and industrial air and water sanitation.

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How it Works -

The Brauer AOP system is the industry leader for secondary sanitation for large commercial pools. The combination of dissolved ozone with UV light creates AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process). This forms the most reactive agents known to chemistry. AOP has even more oxidation potential than ozone or any other oxidising agent. So much so that where normal oxidising agents fail AOP prevails, the power of the whole system is increased; creating the synergy of AOP.

To be eligible for Healthy Swim Accreditation a secondary sanitation product such as an AOP system is required, with only one pool in Tasmania currently reaching this standard. The team at PoolQuip are the experts in this technology completing the plant room fit out for this pool, so you can be assured we will design a system for your requirements and bather loads whilst ensuring the best water quaility possible.

Kingston AOP
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