Filter Media

Sand has been the most common form of Media used in filters up to recent years. Zelbrite and Glass media are more commonly used in sand filters these days.

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Glass Media

Poolquip stock Maytronics eco clear glass media, The Eco Clear is a new 100% recycled, environmentally friendly media that lasts up to three times longer that traditional Silica sand. This product will save you time and money and give you s cleaner helthier pool.

other benefits of ecoclear glass media.

  • Saves upto 25% of water through quicker backwashing
  • Provides greater filtration capacity giving you you a longer time between backwashing.
  • Reduces bacteria groth in your filter saving on chemical usage.
  • Electrostatic mechanical Filtering.
  • Allows Higher Flow to improve filtration.
  • Ultra low carbon footprint.


Zelbrite active filter media is made from the unique natural mineral called Zeolite. Zelbrite is a 3-dimensional structure of microscopic apertures and channel ways like a hard but porous sponge. Zelbrite porous structure provides a huge surface area which traps the smallest particals and removes them from your pool.

Other benefits of Zelbrite

Zelbrites unique microscopic pores trap and hold larger quantites of contaminants, reducing backwashing and saving water.

Due to it's lighter porous structure Zelbrite allows water to flow thruogh the filter more efficienantly ruducing pump pressure and icreasing water quality.

Zelbrite's unique ion-exchange process actually absorbs amonia, thus minimising chloramine formation and reducing chlorine demand.