Glacier Platform Battery Operated Lift

The Glacier Battery Operated Platform Lift accommodates an Aquatic Wheelchair for the individual that needs assisted stabilised support for entry into the pool or spa.

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The Glacier Battery Operated Platform lift is designed for use in commercial swimming pools. The lift has been specifically designed to replace the need for a ramp in a pool having no less than 914 mm deck to the floor of pool at the installation site. This lift is self-operated & electrically (low voltage) powered. The lift is rated for a 272 kg lifting capacity with a safety factor of 1.5.

Operating Controls & Power Source

A four channel radio frequency receiver/transmitter controls the operation of the platform lift. Four wireless handsets are provided to allow operation from pool deck platform affixed to the rail on entry & exit, then two additional transmitters are provided unfixed to the lift. A 24VDC rechargeable battery powers the lift's drive motor & radio frequency control receiver. A spare battery is provided with each unit. The control box & battery assembly is mounted to the lift & includes a hard wired emergency up/down control switch at the console. A battery charger is provided with an electrical power cord, for remote installation.

Lift Construction

The Glaciers' structural components are fabricated from 304L stainless steel. These stainless components are precision joined using GMAW & TIG processes depending on the thickness & loading of the structure.

Platform Construction

The platform has two 860 mm high 38 mm 316L stainless steel handrails on each side. The platform structure is constructed of heavy gauge 304L stainless steel & the platform face is pultruded fiberglass T-Bar grating with an extreme nonslip UV inhibited grit textured surface. The platform structure is attached to a blue polyethylene mesh screen, the screen slides on two rails affixed to the lifting column allowing no gaps for entrapment between the net & the lifting column. The screen collapses with the platform as the platform lowers.

Lifting Components

The lifting components are made for long life in aquatic environments, & are serviceable to ensure safe & consistent operation.

  • For decks to pool floor 914mm to 1.2m
  • Re-chargeable Battery
  • 2 year limited warranty.

Lifts can be custom made to suit individual requirements.