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M5workout Swim Spa

Cardio, strength, recover. Lose weight, tone & build muscle!

'Having a swim spa is like having my own personal gym. It has helped me lose weight, tone up and feel better than I have in years'

Swim jets integrated into your spa pool can simulate a lap session at your local pool, a high endurance ocean swim, a demanding 10km run or a fat burning walk down the street. Exercising in water is more demanding than land-based activity; your muscles are challenged from all directions by the surrounding water. So as you swim, walk, jog or run against the powerful swim jets, you multiply the benefit of your cardio workout just by being in water.

  • 4965 x 2290 x 1320 mm
  • 6 person
  • 52/87 jets
  • dry 900kg wet 6850kg
  • 6000 litres
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