mySwimgym Swim Spa

A gym and a pool in one streamlined package; with myswimgym in your own backyard you’ll complete your workout then, while the kids are swimming in the seat free area, you can retreat to a hot seat for a full body rub down.

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Ladies can stimulate problem areas of the legs in our hot seat with jets positioned along the buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. Exercising in water has added benefits to land-based activity; your muscles are challenged from all directions by the surrounding water. So as you walk, jog or run against the 4 powerful swim jets, you multiply the benefit of your workout just being in water. Fitness experts recommend stretching before and after exercise. The warm water in your swim spa will increase blood flow and mobility for a more effective stretch; all the benefits of a yoga class just outside your back door.

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SQR jets365155101
swim jets2444
neck&shoulder massageoptionaloptional
filtration pump1111
hydrojet boost pump1234
POWERsmart controlSV2SV3SV3SV4 + iTouch
POWERsmart variable heater3kw6kw6kw6kw
POWERsmart heat pumpoptionaloptional5.5kw8.8kw
minimum power required20amp32amp32amp45amp
heat&cool pump OPTIONS5.5/8.8/12kw5.5/8.8/12kw8.8/12kw12kw
heat pump ready plumbingoptional
purewater ozone sanitationoptional--
clearzone water sanitisationoptionaloptional
LED waterline lightingoptional
iLight swim trackingoptionaloptionaloptional
cedar cabinet
duratek cabinetoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
lockable hardcoverblizzard cover
stainless steel support baroptionaloptional
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