Spa Accessories


Add an outdoor alfresco without permits

Alfresco living is a part of our everyday lives throughout Australia, allowing us to enjoy both indoor and outdoor living in one area of the home. Because these indoor and outdoor combination living areas are increasingly popular in Australia and beyond, this is a feature that can also increase the value and desirability of your home. As weather conditions can change quickly, myShade INSTANT OUTDOOR ROOM will provide much needed WEATHER PROTECTION for you and your friends at your next backyard barbecue; the hot Aussie sun can be just as uncomfortable as rain these days.

Cover Lifters

The top selling Cover Lifts in the World.

The CoverMate 1 and the CoverMate 3, our recommended cover-lifts, use the highest quality materials and state of the art mechanical processes. They are stylish, easy to install, fit most outdoor spas and will exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget!

These no hassle covers come with powder coated aluminium tubing with easy to install, non-corrosive composite mounting brackets. Come standard with a TowelMate accessory for hanging up to three towels right where you need them most.