myRelaxation Spa

Dedicated, serious relaxation will help to rejuvenate your overworked body, mind & soul.

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Are you sick of coming home from work with a tight and aching neck or a stiff and sore back? myRelaxation may be the perfect answer to your problems. Feel the aches melt away the moment you relax into the powerful jets targeting those tired muscles.

Buy an Australian made spa, from a friendly family owned business today, and experience the unmatched quality and service you deserve!

Myrelaxation PREMIUM IMG 5473aa web
Specification classic premium
SQR jets 50 75
neck&shoulder massage optional
foot massage
filtration pump 1 1
hydrojet boost pump 1 2
POWERsmart control SV2 SV3
POWERsmart variable heater 3kw 6kw
minimum power required 15amp 32amp
heat pump ready plumbing optional
purewater ozone sanitation
clearzone water sanitisation optional optional
LED waterline lighting
water spouts optional
cedar cabinet
duratek cabinet optional optional
lockable hardcover

All spas are available in different colours, options and accessories.

Spa Colours Spa Options Spa Accessories
Myrelaxation EXTREME web IMG 5514
Myrelaxation EXTREME web IMG 5517
Myrelaxation EXTREME web IMG 5523
Myrelaxation EXTREME web IMG 5523
Myrelaxation EXTREME web IMG 5560
Myrelaxation EXTREME web IMG 5566