Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with all salt and mineral water pools operating at a low TDS level of 3000ppm. This is up to a 50% reduction when compared to traditional salt pools.
  • Switch Mode power supply for greater energy efficiency.
  • Pump protection power cutoff.
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • Digital interface with simple software navigation menu.
  • Slimline power pack for reduced unit size.
  • Innovative internal cell design improves water hydrodynamics over the electrodes.
  • Versatile cell housing installation allows either horizontal or vertical orientation.

The Therachlor Chlorinator has been designed with your needs in mind. It combines a sleek design with user-friendly navigation to provide all the functionality and flexibility you need to create the perfect control unit. Compatible with mineral and salt pools operating at a low TDS level of 3000ppm.