Theratherm Heat Pump

The Theratherm Heat Pump range can be used and installed on any swimming pool to provide heating all year round. They can also be used as a solar heating replacement option designed as a season extender so that you and your family can get the most out of your swimming pool.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Provides heating at ambient temperatures of -7 Degrees Celsius and above.
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • ABS corrosion resistant housing.
  • Long life Titanium condenser.
  • Thermal Expansion Valve for greater efficiency.
  • Simple control panel allows you to set your desired water temperature and enjoy.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Highly efficient operation.

7 Year Warranty on compressor, heat exchanger, 2 years on all other parts.

Heat Pumps utilise the warmth in the air to heat your swimming pool water and this is now the most efficient form of responsive pool heating. The Theratherm Heat Pump range can provide you with heating all year round offering you a warm pool whenever you desire.

Theratherm Heat Pumps provide you the luxury of using your pool all year round. Harnessing the warmth of nature, our range of heat pumps will heat your pool economically and efficiently whilst being kind to the environment.

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