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myTeam Swim Spa

Friends, family and fun, that's what this spa is all about.

With comfort, size and design in mind, Sapphire Spas has created the ultimate spa pool for the big back yard. With seating for 10, myTeam will astound you with spacious comfort and a variety of seating. Two fully optioned his 'n' hers seats allow couples to enjoy simultaneous hydrotherapy whilst the opposite hydro loungers support your body’s every contour during a full body massage. This spa’s powerful pumps deliver an incredible volume of water, capable of soothing all your aches and pains and leaving the days problems behind.

Buy an Australian made spa, from a friendly family owned business today, and experience the unmatched quality and service, you deserve!

  • 3475x2285x1100
  • 10 person
  • 73/109 jets
  • 500kg
  • 3000litres
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